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Can you think of a time when you learned something almost by accident? For many of us, some of the most memorable times of learning have come through experiences we have had. They say experience is the best teacher. That may well be the case as we often tend to internalize things we do more readily than things we read or hear. Personal experience can be a great way to learn what to do- and also what not to do. Learning can be painful, or it can be intentional.

We can learn through observation. Just taking care to notice things around us can give insight that otherwise might have been missed. Also, on the job training can be extremely beneficial when learning a skill or trade. Having “experts” as an example to emulate can be much more valuable than merely reading about ideals.

Whether our focus is on one particular venue of learning or several, the reality is that learning is a lifelong process. No one ever arrives and knows everything. With this in mind, it is helpful to have access to resources that can speak to our questions. As committed, lifelong learners, we should strive to discover more about ourselves and how to best relate to those we care about. Let’s commit ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge so we can maximize our potential in living our best life.

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