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Fundamentals of Apostolic Leadership

Apostolic leaders face challenges today unknown to past generations. The rapid changes in society mandate constant assessment of our leadership strategies. Fundamentals of Apostolic Leadership provides practical advice for pastors and lay ministers. Ideas about character development as well as relational dynamics are discussed offering leaders direction in personal conduct and relationships.


Goal Mapping

Explore setting goals and timelines to make your dreams come true!


Kids Goal Mapping

Explore setting personal and academic goals with your children


Neff Self-Compassion Assessment

Do you have the ability to turn acceptance and love inward? This assessment can provide insight.


Marriage Journey

Tools to help strengthen your marriage


The Know Yourself Journal

One of the seemingly simplest questions that can be posed is, “So, tell me about yourself?” Your mind goes blank. You automatically assume there is absolutely nothing to your personality; no likes or dislikes; no challenges or triumphs. Who are you? And how do you get out of this question without wanting to disappear off the face of the earth after?

The 365 Know Yourself Journal by Friendeavor takes on a journey of self-discovery every day for a year. This simple method of self-discovery is not time consuming like other journal methods. Simply take five minutes in your day, read the prompt, and respond honestly to yourself.


Family Conversation Sheets

Dinnertime conversation is key to building communication in the home. Try using these sheets to open conversation with your kids.


Career Quiz

Teens and young adults searching for their career path can use this tools to explore interests and options.


Parenting Styles

The vastness of parenting explored by therapist Karen Anderson

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